My NEW book “China Virus” is already a bestseller — even though Amazon tried to ban it

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For two months, Amazon banned my book about Trudeau and China. This week, they let it go on sale.

You see, I’ve written a new book called China Virus: How Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist Ideology Is Putting Canadians in Danger.

You can get it now at or via Amazon for as little as $7.50.

But you’d better get it quick — Amazon banned it for two months, refusing to sell it because I dared to criticize Trudeau and the World Health Organization. They actually said that.

They’ve relented for now — and hopefully they won’t censor it again. But you might want to get it now just in case!

It’s a quick read, but it’s jam-packed with facts that you probably won’t find in the mainstream media.

Did you know that:

* Justin Trudeau’s brother Sacha actually published a propaganda book for the Chinese dictatorship?
* Huawei evades election finance laws by donating directly to Trudeau’s personal think-tank?
* Trudeau orders a Canadian cabinet minister to work for a Chinese government committee, to achieve one of their Communist Five Year Plans?
* Theresa Tam, Trudeau’s public health officer, was on a secretive UN committee that whitewashed China’s virus cover-up?

There are more than 100 fully footnoted facts just like that in China Virus.

We know that Justin Trudeau will hate this book.

And we know the Chinese dictatorship will too.

This is the book that Amazon fought for two months to ban.

But I think it’s a book that every Canadian ought to read — to know that the real danger isn’t actually the Coronavirus. It’s Trudeau’s ongoing love affair with the world’s most brutal dictatorship. That’s what’s putting us all in danger.

To to — or go to Amazon, while you still can.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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Read about how Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist ideology is putting Canadians in danger!

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