NDP leader Rachel Notley fails to resign— what's next for the party?

Sheila Gunn Reid and Josh Andrus discussed what would unfold If Rachel Notley decided to run in the federal arena.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Josh Andrus, Executive Director at the Project Confederation for an analysis of the recent United Conservative Party election win in Alberta.

The two discussed how Rachel Notley unexpectedly announced after her loss that she would be continuing on as leader of the NDP. 

Josh talked about what could be next for Notley in the political arena:

It may be possible that the Federal NDP job comes open and she makes a run for it or maybe even if there's an opening in the Liberal Party of Canada that she does throw her hat in that ring as well. I mean, the parties are kind of not too diametrically opposite on policy so she could probably fit one or the other. So, the next four years, how they play out is really gonna shape the 2027 election. I mean, it'll be very interesting to see whether or not she sticks it out for four years or she's forced out by her party or she decides to take a step up to the federal arena.

Sheila explained how a strong NDP leader like Rachel could potentially split up the progressive movement in a federal election, creating a poly government.

And for me as, as a conservative, or a member of the conservative movement that is, nonpartisan conservative, I would love to see Rachel Notley run to lead the Federal NDP. She checks a lot of identity boxes and they tell me they care about those things. She's Western, she's female. She, as far as the NDP is concerned, she's probably the most successful NDP politician in the last 10 years. She cracked fortress Alberta.

And so I, as a conservative, I'd love to see her go that way because it would cause an intense fracture on the progressive side, federally and much the same way Thomas Mulcair did. It would allow the conservatives to run up the middle and we would see, I think if Rachel Notley moved to the NDP, federally, we would see a poly government next.

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