NDP policy convention in Hamilton devolves into SJW gong show

The NDP doesn't respect parents. Thankfully, they don't respect their own time, either.

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The third party, which relegated itself to a pathetic fate as the socialist caucus of the federal Liberal Party of Canada, met last weekend in the Hammer to decide their vision for Canada's future.

Chaos ensued.

Attempts to introduce an onerous policy demanding an end to funding schools that respect parents' rights were derailed by the socialist party's hyper-focus on sexual intersectionality and pronoun announcements.

A pro-Gaza demonstration also hijacked the conference resulting in the anti-police NDP calling police to bust up the protest.

The convention boasted a quiet room with a HEPA air purifier, special speaking priority for gender equity, and gender-inclusive washrooms. And next to no actual work getting done because of constant infighting about which oppressed group would use a "yellow card" to take the mic next. Thank goodness.

If the NDP could get down to business, they'd have passed a resolution which would spell an end to publicly-funded education that respects parents. The new policy would be a supplement to the party's existing human rights policy:


WHEREAS Section 6, Strengthening Human Rights and
the Canadian Identity, Section 6.3,LGBTQI2S+, add a
subsection m based on the following:

WHEREAS Pride Month 2023 saw LGBTQ+
Communities at schools across Canada targeted by
sustained, organized and well-resourced homophobic
and transphobic violence, threats and discrimination;

BE IT RESOLVED that, in response to threats and acts
of violence against Pride Week events and gender
expression in schools and universities that we condemn
all forms of homophobia, transphobia, hate, bullying,
bigotry, intimidation and violence;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we applaud the
educators, school board trustees, parents, students,
allies and elected officials who refuse to be intimidated
by homophobia and transphobia;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we proclaim that a
future federal NDP government would never grant
public funds to educational institutions that harbour
discriminatory practices.

The NDP doesn't respect parents. Thankfully, they don't respect their own time, either.

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