New York City hotels shut down to accommodate illegal immigrants

Every day there are more buses of migrants en route to their final destination, New York. The high level of migrants flooding into the USA is getting out of control, creating chaos and a lack of resources for Americans.

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Title 42, which was the main tool for the authorities to combat illegal immigration, has been lifted on May 11th. Following this action, Joe Biden has stated that the chaos will be rampant for a whle. Meanwhile, New York City is facing a crisis never seen before. Hotels are now housing migrants on the taxpayer's dime, with several free services and all information kept confidential.

We investigated the area around Manhattan to find the location where the migrants are being housed and what services are being provided to them. Unfortunately, the staff were strongly opposed to people entering the buildings and became aggressive.

We also wanted to verify if what the Custom Border Patrol stated was true.

“Claims that migrants will be provided free travel and transportation to their destination are false. The U.S. government does not provide help or financial support for noncitizens.”

The employees at the Roosevelt Hotel where the reticketing process is located told us that if you qualify, they will pay for the transportation needed. This money is not coming from the Roosevelt Hotel but from the city which is responsible for dealing with the migrant crisis.

We found about 6 hotels and also observed military who have been on call to help to manage the migrants' influx in various hotels. At Roosevelt, we saw a bus with around 40 migrants leaving the building to be relocated to another hotel in Brooklyn. It seems that buses are leaving frequently from the Roosevelt to other destinations with loads of migrants.

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