New Zealand plans to tax cow and sheep BURPS

In a bid to 'tackle climate change,' the New Zealand government has unveiled plans to tax cow, sheep and other cattle's burps to 'curb greenhouse gases.'

New Zealand plans to tax cow and sheep BURPS
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With this new proposal from the New Zealand government, farmers will have to pay a tax for their cattle's gas emissions by the year 2035, farmers who reduce these emissions will be "given incentives" through feed additives.

The national president of federated farmers of New Zealand, Andrew Hoggard said this to the BBC: "We've been working with the government and other organisations on this for years to get an approach that won't shut down farming in New Zealand, so we've signed off on a lot of stuff we're happy with.”

“But you know, like all of these types of agreements with many parties involved, there's always going to be a couple of dead rats you have to swallow. There are still the nuts and bolts to be hammered out, like who actually implements the scheme, so there's still stuff to work through with the government."

According to the BBC, New Zealand pledged last month NZ$2.9 billion for incentives to "tackle climate change." This would then be funded by an emissions trading system that taxed polluters.

Back in November 2021, I went to report outside of the UN climate conference in Glasgow to highlight the hypocrisies.

 Click here to watch the report!


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