New Zealander's 'sick of being told what to do' by government

Amid growing dissatisfaction, National cites New Zealanders' frustration with government control as the catalyst for the right bloc's polling increase.

New Zealander's 'sick of being told what to do' by government
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Riding on the sentiment of New Zealanders growing weary of overbearing control, National MP Erica Stanford attributes the notable increase in support for the right bloc coalition of National and ACT as captured in the latest TVNZ-Kantar poll.

The poll suggests a viable potential for the coalition to form the Government, as their combined support soars to a substantial 48 percent.

This substantial surge was observed exactly one week following the Labour Government's Budget announcement, hinting at a possible shift in the political landscape.

Stanford, a senior member of National, presented her interpretation of the poll numbers on AM, indicating a palpable dissatisfaction with the current Labour Government amongst the New Zealand populace. 

The MP argued, "This poll displays a clear desire for an inspirational government. Kiwis are fed up with being dictated to, like being advised to shorten their showers or perhaps lower their heaters, by a Government that's marked by a perfect blend of hypocrisy and condescension." Stanford's comments are a pointed reference to the recent 'Find Money in Weird Places' campaign that has garnered wide-scale criticism for telling Kiwis to take shorter showers to save money

According to Stanford, New Zealanders have had enough of such a governance style.

"They yearn for a Government that's capable of delivering on their promises. After the latest Budget announcement, there was no uplift in Government support, which is quite uncommon," she shared with AM host Ryan Bridge.

"This demonstrates that the public is in pursuit of a Government that can truly deliver, and that's what a National-ACT Government represents."

Though the right bloc's support has seen an upward trend, the TVNZ-Kantar poll exhibits a close contention between Labour and National when considered individually.

With Labour behind at 35 percent, National leads by a narrow margin, securing 37 percent of the poll's support.

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