'No coincidence': Pastor detained during all-ages drag protest

Derek Reimer of Mission 7 Ministries is facing ongoing battles with Calgary police, with the pastor saying that police have told him they plan to continue ticketing him until he stops his preaching and outreach program.

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Recently, I took a trip to Mission 7 Ministries here in Calgary bring you an update on the status of Pastor Derek Reimer amid his ongoing prosecution following charges levied against him by Calgary police.

We have seen a steady trend of pastors being targeted by Calgary police for doing their God-assigned duty of feeding and taking care of the less fortunate. The police have decided to pick on Derek and his ministry by issuing him multiple fines and attempting to force him off Stephen Avenue, the home of his ministries for the past six years.

For a little background on Mission 7, it's a Christian street-outreach ministry that provides the city's homeless with food, clothing and the Gospel, if they want to hear it. Mission 7 works in downtown Calgary on the streets because that's where the people that need them most are — and where the people know they can find Pastor Derek.

Regular viewers of Rebel News are likely already familiar with Pastor Derek. He was the second client in our FightTheFines.com project, right behind Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

Derek was given multiple lockdown-related tickets for feeding the homeless in contravention of COVID gathering restrictions. But luckily, thanks to your generous donations to FightTheFines.com, we were able to hire him an excellent lawyer named Sarah Miller — the same one who has helped Pastor Artur achieve his major legal victories —to help get those tickets tossed out so that Derek could continue doing what he does best: ministering and caring for Calgary's downtrodden.

Pastor Derek is accused of feeding the homeless without a permit, holding his street ministry without a permit. Imagine a city official telling you you need to get their permission before you give a homeless person a sandwich and tell him that God loves him.

All of this in the same city that shuts itself down for Black Lives Matter protests. This city wants a pastor to get state permission before he feeds the homeless, where he knows where the homeless are.

Well, just like before, in partnership with The Democracy Fund, Sarah Miller is going to help fight these crazy tickets. She's one of the best in the business, and we know that just like with Pastor Artur, she will do everything she can to make surer Derek can continue to do what he does to help the forgotten people of Calgary without state harassment.

In today's report, Pastor Derek joins me to provide us with an update and more information on his arrest, and what comes next for ministers at Mission 7 as they continue to face attacks.  As a side note: there was a police presence around Mission 7 when we recorded this video, but this was because of a crime that happened in the area and was not related to Pastor Derek or Mission 7. 

Despite all of the fines and arrests though, Pastor Derek is refusing to give up on standing for what's righteous — helping those less fortunate than himself.

If you want to help Pastor Derek fight these charges so he can keep feeding the homeless, please make a donation at FightTheFines.com.

And if you're in the Calgary area and want to come see the in-person premiere of our new documentary, Trucker Rebellion: Trudeau on Trial, you can get your tickets at for the Feb. 16 premiere at TrudeauOnTrial.com.

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