Non-binary influencer goes nuts, flashes genitals in latest disturbing incident

Deni Todorovic, the controversial non-binary influencer, has been embroiled in a series of incidents following his role as the face of Seafolly swimwear.

Non-binary influencer goes nuts, flashes genitals in latest disturbing incident
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Controversial non-binary influencer Deni Todorovic has been making headlines again for all the wrong reasons.

After causing a boycott as the brand ambassador for Seafolly swimwear, Todorovic's life seems to be spiraling out of control.

In a shocking turn of events at Australian Fashion Week, Todorovic flashed his genitals at two entertainment journalists, leaving them visibly distressed.

Witnesses confirmed the incident, with one stating that journalist Jonathan Moran seemed extremely uncomfortable.

However, Todorovic showed no remorse, stating, "Were we at fashion week or were we at church? Modern fashion is changing constantly, and what I wrote on my legs is a protest."

This incident followed a heated altercation at Melbourne airport, where Todorovic clashed with Jetstar staff. Allegedly facing alleged "homophobic and racist" behaviour when asked to pay for excess luggage, Todorovic responded by writing a derogatory statement across his thighs. Despite his claims, Jetstar representatives denied any wrongdoing.

Photographs of the incident captured Todorovic with his mother and four police officers, but no charges were filed. Taking to Instagram, Todorovic cryptically explained, "I wasn't in Sydney yesterday due to an incident I'm not legally allowed to discuss at present, but I have my mum and aunty as eyewitnesses to what happened."

Todorovic's rise to fame began when they became an ambassador for Seafolly swimwear, but his career has been on a downward trajectory ever since.

Wild accusations, attacks on former employers, and erratic behavior have led to his dismissal from various public roles by brands like Bonds, Minus 18, and Tanqueray.

The influencer even emailed senior staff members threatening to leak compromising photos and terminated his contracts.

Concerned followers have expressed worry for Todorovic's well-being, urging them to prioritise his mental health. The influencer's admission of cocaine use further intensified the growing concern.

Todorovic's high-profile PR manager, Pru Corrigan, recently ended his professional relationship, while his mother, Maca, has taken over as his manager.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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