“Nothing makes sense”: Manitoba man suspended from job for attending lockdown protest

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Ryan Johnston is yet another victim of the "health and safety" regulations here in Canada. Over the past year and a half, protests of all sorts have been seen across the country, from Black Lives Matter to pro-Palestine rallies. But most notably, those who participate in protests that go against government dictum, i.e. pro-freedom and anti-lockdown protests, seem to have been selectively targeted by the government for enforcement.

And as Ryan found out recently, by employers too.

After attending the Worldwide Freedom Rally in Winnipeg, Manitoba Ryan was contacted by his employer, who requested to know if he had been at the event. Because Ryan is an honest man, he gave an honest answer: he was there, and he was proud of it. This didn't bode well for his former employer HyLife, who promptly took action against him. It started as a two week suspension without pay, and later devolved into Ryan leaving the company that once put food on his table.

The difficult situation here is that even though HyLife is able to have policies on workplace health and safety, it most certainly should be applying punishment equally for those who break their rules. Unfortunately, as we heard from Ryan himself, there are many at the company who flout the rules, as long as they know they can get away with it, much like Ryan’s former supervisor who initiated the disciplinary actions against him. Allegedly, this same person was also having birthday parties against company guidance.

We reached out to HyLife to get their side of the story, but unfortunately, so far, they've decided not to get back to us. Stay tuned as political oppression continues to escalate here in Canada, and remember we will continue to update you as new information comes out.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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