Notorious Aussie climate catastrophist has jail sentence quashed

Deanna Coco had been sentenced to 15 months in jail after stopping a truck on Sydney's Harbour Bridge during a climate change protest. Her sentence has been cancelled after an appeal.

Notorious Aussie climate catastrophist has jail sentence quashed
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A climate change protestor who blocked traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge has had her jail sentence cancelled.

Deanna ‘Violet’ Maree Coco, 32, had been sentenced to 15-months jail last December after stopping a truck on the bridge during morning peak hour to protest carbon dioxide.

Coco, and a fellow climate catastrophist, climbed onto the roof of the fossil fuel powered truck they had been driving, and lit orange flares while livestreaming their protest in April last year.

But this week District Court Judge Mark Williams heard an appeal by CoCo and ruled that the jail sentence be quashed.

The appeal centred on claims that police had included a “false fact” in their case against the climate protestor, saying that her actions had stopped an ambulance with flashing lights and sirens from crossing the bridge.

Judge Williams agreed that this had not happened, and that Coco had been imprisoned on false evidence.

He said CoCo, whom the court heard had a long history of illegal protests, had shown remorse for her actions and was channelling her diagnosed climate anxiety into volunteer work.

He issued CoCo, who had spent 13 days in jail, with a 12-month conditional release order.

Coco cried tears of joy at the verdict and told waiting media: "Obviously we need to continue our right to protest. Protest is such an important part of our democracy.

"I plan to keep continuing to raise the alarm on the climate and ecological emergency to avert billions of deaths."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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