NSW community dismayed over proposed tallest wind turbines

Residents of Cabonne Shire outraged over plans for record-height turbines, citing lack of consultation and adverse impact.

NSW community dismayed over proposed tallest wind turbines
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Residents in Cabonne Shire, situated in the central west of New South Wales, are expressing outrage over a proposed wind farm development set to feature the tallest turbines in Australia.

The Kerrs Creek Wind Farm project, spearheaded by UK-based developer RES Group, has ignited concerns among locals regarding inadequate consultation and potential adverse effects on property values and the environment.

Initially proposed with turbines reaching a towering 280 meters, just shy of Sydney Tower, the developer faced backlash from the community prompting a revision to 254 meters in height.

However, this adjustment has failed to assuage the concerns of many residents, who fear negative impacts on property values and health, including noise disturbances and visual intrusion.

Bryce Morley, a local landholder and member of the opposition group Voice For Cabonne, highlighted concerns regarding potential health impacts and decreased property values.

The project has sparked divisions within the community, with disputes erupting even within families. Despite efforts by the developer to engage with the community through information sessions, concerns persist regarding the adequacy of consultation and compensation arrangements.

Local MP Sam Farraway has echoed the community's concerns, calling for a halt to the project until fundamental issues are addressed.

Questions regarding transport logistics for the oversized turbine blades along the Mitchell Highway remain unanswered, raising further apprehension among residents. As the project progresses through planning stages, tensions continue to mount, underscoring the need for transparent dialogue and community involvement in decision-making processes.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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