NSW taxpayers fork out $160k on giant Pride rainbow street art

The artwork for Sydney's World Pride event was funded by the NSW government and came in 'under budget' at $160,000, much to the surprise of locals who have criticised the expense.

NSW taxpayers fork out $160k on giant Pride rainbow street art
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NSW taxpayers forked out $160,000 for a giant rainbow to be painted on a city street for Sydney’s World Pride event last month.

The giant LBGTQ rainbow ran along George Street in the city’s CBD.

The good news for taxpayers is that the artwork, funded by the NSW Government, had been expected to cos in excess of $250,000.

Former City of Sydney councillor, Angela Vithoulkas said locals would be outraged to learn the cost of the Pride rainbow.

“We should be respectful of every dollar that goes into the coffers of state government because it comes off the back of hard-working, New South Wales Australians,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure if I was the family who has trouble paying electricity, putting food on the table and paying rent right now I would be pretty upset about that $161,500.”

She slammed the city for never consulting local residents or business owners about the use of public money.

“You never get consulted – you turn up one day and there it is,” she said.

Ms Vithoulkas acknowledged that World Pride injected millions into Sydney’s economy but asked: ‘Is it the wisest and smartest way to spend money locally? Why isn’t there a panel of those people on the ground who can have a say on how that money is spent.'

It was unclear whether the LGBTQ rainbow was temporary and, if so, what taxpayers would be charged to erase it.

Australian Taxpayer's Alliance president Brian Marlow said: “At a time when small businesses are struggling, and everyday Aussies are feeling the burden of high inflation and sky-high cost of living prices, the NSW government is throwing huge stacks of taxpayer funds just to paint a rainbow flag.”

“It's a bit rich - you can celebrate community issues without wasting stacks of taxpayer cash.”

A City of Sydney spokesperson defended the rainbow, saying it had come in under budget and it had added “colour and vibrancy” to the city.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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