Ohio Sheriff calls for death penalty amid crimes linked to illegal aliens

Sheriff Richard Jones blamed Biden's border policies for the influx of drugs and violence, and called for the closure of the 'damn borders.'

Ohio Sheriff calls for death penalty amid crimes linked to illegal aliens
AP Photo/Paul Vernon
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Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones expressed his support for renewing the death penalty for certain crimes as Ohio grapples with an increase in nefarious activity stemming from the porous southern border.

Jones drew a direct connection between President Biden's border policies and a surge in mayhem caused by illegal immigrants, which he said cost his taxpayers $4 million to incarcerate.

"I am angry," Jones said in an interview with Fox News, emphasizing that people are "fed up" and want action taken. Over the last three years, Jones reported that 1,000 illegal immigrants were jailed in his county for committing 2,000 crimes, many of which were violent in nature. He recounted disturbing incidents, including the molestation of a 9-year-old girl and a paraplegic being hit by an illegal immigrant who fled the scene.

The sheriff dismissed arguments that homegrown citizens also commit crimes, stating, "I don't need any extra crime coming from other countries where they empty their prisons out." In response to the rising crime rates, Jones is currently teaching his county how to use guns for self-protection.

Jones criticized President Biden, accusing him of actively blocking Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement from doing their jobs. He expressed his embarrassment and shame at the current leadership, claiming that other countries are laughing at the United States.

Despite the White House's recent announcement of executive actions to curb illegal immigration at the southern border, sources told Fox News that the measures appeared to have no immediate impact on the massive number of migrants crossing the border.

The sheriff also highlighted Ohio's drug epidemic, citing the state's fifth-highest death rate in the nation from drug overdoses. He called on the president to "close the damn borders" and allow Americans to go back to work, emphasizing the devastating impact of drugs trafficked from Mexico.

"I would tell the president first thing: Close the damn borders, get our communities back, let Americans go to work," Jones said. "We got 5,000 people die a year because of these drugs coming in from Mexico."

"The people that come see me, that their loved ones have been killed by illegals either behind the wheel, intoxicated, or have died of overdose from the drugs coming from the border… I lose sleep over that," he added.

Jones dismissed concerns about political correctness, asserting that his job is to tell it like it is and to incarcerate criminals without hesitation. "Am I real soft and fuzzy and cuddly? No, I am not," he said, warning criminals not to come to his county because they will face imprisonment.

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