Only in Toronto: Chicago Blackhawks jerseys are banned at city rinks!

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If there was a penalty for over-the-top virtue signalling, we imagine the sin bin would be overflowing with uber-woke Toronto city councillors and bureaucrats. You see, if you want to play the best game you can name in the People’s Woke Republic of Toronto, please note that Hogtown recently implemented a dress code for shinny enthusiasts.

Which is to say, if you don the wrong kind of hockey haberdashery, you’re going to receive a game suspension –or worse – for the egregious crime of wearing a politically incorrect… hockey jersey?

A politically incorrect hockey sweater, by the way, would be that of the Chicago Blackhawks – or any other jersey depicting any sort of Indigenous theme.

Check out this statement by Toronto’s Parks, Forestry & Recreation department:

To promote a positive and inclusive experience in City of Toronto sports facilities and to protect the dignity and well-being of Indigenous communities, the City of Toronto prohibits the display of Indigenous-themed sports images, logos, or team names except for those used by Indigenous sports organizations. It is the responsibility of all permit holders to read, agree and adhere to the terms and conditions of all permits. If a complaint or infraction of the permit terms is raised, the City, in partnership with Indigenous Affairs Office, would review any concerns and determine the appropriate response. The City prefers an education-first approach to conflict resolution, however, withdrawal of a permit would also be within the authority of the bylaw applicable to facility permits.

Wow, just when did municipal politicians and bureaucrats reinvent themselves as the cancel culture cops? By the way, an inconvenient question arises with this latest municipal mandate: are Indigenous people REALLY offended by native-themed sports logos, nicknames, etc.?

And another thing: Did you notice that mind-boggling loophole in the city’s policy?

Namely, it is offside for an individual skater – even a native – to don a Blackhawks jersey at a Toronto rink… but it’s perfectly fine for an entire group of natives to play shinny wearing such gear.

So, what’s the message here? That a little bit of alleged racism on the ice is NOT okay… but a whole lot of alleged racism down at the rink is perfectly fine? How the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks does that make any sense?”

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