Ontario boxing gym reopens and is ready to fight for their rights

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HUF Boxing Gym in Mississauga, Ontario has had enough of Premier Doug Ford's inconsistent attempts at preventing the spread of COVID-19. Owner Teresa Heron couldn't put up with it anymore, so she decided she was going to reopen the doors to her facility and let her members get some much-needed exercise, despite the ongoing closure of gyms in the province.

It was a rare sight to see in the Greater Toronto Area these days: a group of people gathering indoors, exercising and trying to improve their health.

Teresa pointed to the government's selective choices for what is — and isn't — open during the pandemic, wondering why it's OK for big box stores to be open with hundreds of people, yet her gym where no cases have occurred have been shut down. She pointed out how for people who go to the gym four or five times a week, that's part of their lifestyle and the government is destroying that and making them unhealthy in the process.

All in an effort to keep people healthy? It just doesn't make sense.

If you're a small business owner like Teresa and are thinking about reopening your business during this most recent lockdown, let us here at Rebel know through our portal at www.iWillOpen.com

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  • By David Menzies


Are you a small business who is still banned from opening in Canada, but plan to reopen your restaurant, store or gym anyway? Let us know, and we’ll report your breaking story. Simply fill out the form on this page with your details.


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