Ontario hospital waves Black Lives Matter flag to honour Black History Month

For the first time in history, a hospital in Cobourg, Ontario waves a controversial, radical ideological flag.

Ontario hospital waves Black Lives Matter flag to honour Black History Month
Northumberland Hills Hospital
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Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) will commemorate Black History Month by flying a Black Lives Matter flag throughout the month of February, a press release from the hospital reads.

Stemming from a list of recommendations from NHH’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (EDIAC), the senior leadership team approved the waving of the ideological flag with unanimous consent.

The same senior leaders appear unanimously masked in their NHH webpage biography headshots. 

“We are on the journey – we’re not there yet – but this is our first step at making a bold statement to honour our shared purpose and continue to honour the lives of the people who are impacted by racism,” President and CEO of NHH, Susan Walsh, told Global News.

“Flying the flag is the external face of what we’re doing internally. We have a whole variety of activities as well to compliment things that are designed to increase awareness to promote the conversation, to get people thinking inside, and reflection,” furthered Vice President of People, Culture & Organizational Effectiveness Lola Obomighie, who is also Chair for the EDIAC.

Staff will also wear BLM shirts inside the hospital, which is supposed to further enable this important work.

The Town of Cobourg is also following suit.

Town staff are urged “reflect internally” through anti-racism training, as per Cobourg’s Accessibility, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Yasmyn Belle, who oddly appears to reside outside of the town's jurisdiction.

Northumberland County, which encompasses the Town of Cobourg, has also issued a historic Black History Month proclamation in which council effectively declared February as the county’s official Black History Month.

Yet only the local hospital has included BLM messaging as part of its virtue signalling.

As a controversial and radical political movement, BLM has been brought to the forefront of socio-political issues in recent years with a central goal of police reform. Defunding the police and radical social justice ideologies like critical race theory are key components of the agenda pushed by BLM.

Violent BLM-related riots in the summer of 2020 were massively destructive and resulted in a number of autonomous zones being set up and held for weeks by militant extremists.

As documented extensively by Candace Owens, BLM founders have lined their own pockets, living in multi-million dollar homes, and done little to help everyday black communities with the $90 million raised in 2020 alone.

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