Ontario! Our new documentary tour is making stops in London and Ottawa

MAID: The Dark Side of Canadian Compassion explores the nation's expanding euthanasia program. Our 'Choose Life' tour is making stops in Ottawa and the London area — get tickets while you still can!

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Have you heard of Justin Trudeau's radical medical killing policy here in Canada? Proponents of this evil agenda call it Medical Assistance in Dying, or MAID.

But really, it's euthanasia of desperate people who have been failed by health bureaucracies, Veterans Affairs and the mental health system. It's a way of tidying up inconvenient people on government waitlists.

Although that's not how the government sells it to us, when they claim it's meant for people who are on death's door and in immense physical suffering, the people opting for euthanasia are not that — and the statistics show it, but the mainstream media won't.

And that's why we made our documentary here at Rebel News. It's called MAID: The Dark Side of Canadian Compassion, and we have two official live, in-person screenings left on our national tour.

We're in the London, Ontario, area on June 6 in Aylmer at the Church of God. Then, on June 8, we'll be in the nation's capital at the West Ottawa Community Church.

And if you're interested in a screening in your community, let us know. For tickets and showtimes, or to scheduling a showing in your community, go to EndMAID.com.

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Join us for the coast-to-coast tour of our newest documentary, MAID: The Dark Side of Canadian Compassion.


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