Ontario spa owner speaks out after being forced to pay $35k due to complaint from transgender woman

Transanity at the spa! A 'transwoman' thought he was entitled to a service that did not exist at the Mad Wax spa in Windsor, Ont. The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal agreed, fining the spa’s co-owner $35,000!

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We would label Canada’s human rights tribunals as kangaroo courts – except that we don’t want to defame the marsupial community.

The latest case in point when it comes to human rights madness: a “transgender woman” – who, of course, is granted anonymity, only known by the initials A.B. – placed a phone call to the Mad Wax spa in Windsor, Ont., on March 17, 2018.

His claim: he allegedly asked the employee answering the call if Mad Wax provided waxing services to transgender women.

The employee allegedly told him “no”; later saying ,“I don’t know.” (There are no recordings of the phone calls.) The Mad Wax employee allegedly said she didn’t truly know what “transgender” meant but promised that the owner of Mad Wax, Jason Carruthers, would call him back.

Alas, here’s where the recollections of the phone conversations between Caruthers and A.B. resemble a he said/she said story.

Carruthers says he assumed that A.B. wanted a Brazilian wax in the genital region, not a leg wax. A.B. claims Carruthers said he did not have anyone on staff who would be comfortable providing services to A.B. Carruthers strongly denies this allegation. His recollection of the conversation was that he did not have anyone on staff at that time who could provide male waxing services.

Regardless, instead of seeking out a spa that would be happy to service transgenders, A.B. went to war against Mad Wax. He filed a human rights complaint on May 11, 2018, claiming he was so traumatized after being denied service that he allegedly attempted suicide.

And incredibly, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal bought A.B.’s story hook, line, and sinker, awarding this biological male $35,000 in damages!

Indeed, the tribunal found that the repeated mention of and questioning about A.B.’s genitals and the “misgendering” of A.B. was discriminatory.

As well, Karen Dawson, the vice-chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, was miffed that Carruthers spoke publicly about the dispute. Said Dawson: “[Carruthers] intended to cause the applicant embarrassment and undermine her complaints.”


Check out our interview with Jason Carruthers, who is still reeling from the decision.

For starters, he is baffled that all of A.B.’s testimony was treated as truthful whereas the tribunal doubted his side of the story. In fact, Carruthers says if he had taped the phone calls such evidence would’ve exonerated him.

Also, it appears that his whole incident was a stitch-up. After all, A.B. worked as the executive director of an organization in Windsor that provides services and support to transgenders. Was he out to game the system from the get-go?

Finally, Carruthers says he and his wife run a small business and a $35,000 hit – plus legal fees – is devestating. But he plans to appeal this gross decision in a REAL court of law (he recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds; at time of publication Carruthers had raised about $2,000.)

Then again, it is doubtful that a human rights wokester like Karen Dawson gives a rodent’s rectum about a small business struggling to make ends meet. Last year, Dawson earned almost $140,000 plus benefits, courtesy of the beleaguered taxpayer.

Here’s hoping Carruthers receives justice in a true court of law in the near future. Enough with the transanity already!

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