Ontario's chief vax pass adviser has a conflict of interest & officials won't say if/when they knew

We've reported on Kieran Moore's connections to Pfizer before, but did Ontario officials know anything about this? And if so, when did they know?

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EDITOR'S NOTE: a previous version of this article referred to Christine Elliot as the Ontario Health Minister. Elliot is no longer the Ontario Health Minister nor is she an MPP. 

A Previously, Rebel News' Tamara Ugolini has reported that Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, had a conflict of interest through his work with medical oligarch and COVID vaccine manufacturer Pfizer.

Moore declares it himself when he was a panellist at a University of Toronto commissioned presentation titled “Changing the Way we Work” which gave physicians whose patients had questions around vaccines some handy Big Pharma apologetics.

Then, Moore was still the local medical officer of health in Kingston and was then described as a member of Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution task force. Moore declared that he was principle investigator for the Canadian Lyme Disease Research Network and that he is on the advisory board of Pfizer for their Lyme Disease North American Strategy.

Ugolini filed an Access to Information request to obtain the documents surrounding the financials of the Canadian Lyme Disease Research network (or CLDRN) of which Moore is principle investigator. The CLDRN was born from a partnership between the Canadian Institute of Health Research and the National Research Network for Lyme Disease. Other than clarifying some of the partners like the Public Health Agency of Canada for a grand total of 4 million dollars over five fiscal years, the information was heavily redacted.

Through, the information left unobscured indicated Dr. Moore did not declare his Pfizer-affiliated work with the Canadian Lyme Disease Research Network. Ugolini reached out the Office of the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario for clarification as "current ministry employees and public servants employed in and appointed to public bodies were legally required to declare their conflicts."

Dr. Kieran Moore was first appointed as chief medical officer in June 2021, but the Deputy Minister of Health, which is who he would have declared his conflicts of interest to, is now Dr. Catherine Zahn, who was was appointed two months after Moore, in August 2021. If Moore declared anything, it would have been to the previous deputy minister, Helen Angus.

As of her appointment as deputy minister of health, Zahn stepped down from her role as President and CEO of CAMH which is the Canadian Addictions and Medical health. Based on a 2019/2020 annual report, when Zahn was still president and CEO of CAMH, it received a hefty donations from Pfizer Canada, over 100, 000 dollars. Pfizer is listed as a donor under the “COVID-19 Mental Health & Resiliency Fund,” too. There also an entity listed as Anonymous (1) who has donated over 100 million dollars.

Ugolini sent a series of inquiries to Zahn and other senior government officials including then Ontario's Minister of Health Christine Elliott, and Ontario Premier Doug Ford, for information about what they knew about Moore's previous work for Pfizer and when they became aware.

Those requests have gone unanswered. But Rebel News is not relenting. Canadians deserve to know if their government decision makers are in the pocket of big pharma.

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