Open your eyes to reality: Israeli guardsman speaks out as threat looms

Residents of Metula, northern Israel, endure rocket attacks and live under constant fear due to escalating threats from Hezbollah on the Lebanon border.

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In a tense firsthand account, an Israeli National Guardsman stationed on the Lebanon border reveals the reality faced by the community in Metula, northern Israel.

With Hezbollah's looming threat following in the bloody footsteps of Hamas, the region finds itself on the precipice of a dangerous escalation.

I ventured just 500 meters from the border with Lebanon, where residents endure rocket attacks and live under the constant fear of an imminent war.

The recent attacks have left three people injured, one in critical condition, putting into focus the very real threat faced by civilians in the region.

Speaking to the National Guardsman, it becomes evident that the community is no stranger to conflict.

"Metula is more than 120 years old, and people have witnessed numerous bombings over the years. Despite the threats, we won't move. We're a peaceful nation, but we have to defend ourselves," the Guardsman stated firmly.

Hezbollah's escalating attacks are causing distress among the civilians, with the fear that the terrorist organization might replicate Hamas' tactics. The Guardsman emphasised the gravity of the situation:

"No one wants their children to be slaughtered in front of their eyes. We have to do something."

Addressing international reactions to the conflict, he expressed a level of frustration at the misconceptions:

"People should open their eyes and see the reality. We just want to live peacefully, but we're dealing with forces that thirst for blood. We're not the aggressors here; we only retaliate."

As tensions rise and the threat from Hezbollah intensifies, the community remains steadfast in their resolve. They continue to guard their homes and prepare for whatever may come, hoping that the world will recognise their plight and stand in solidarity against the looming threat of war.

For more in-depth analysis and updates, visit, a platform dedicated to disseminating accurate information about the ongoing crisis.

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