Protesters speak out after Oshawa school board refuses to address violent bullying

So it was that on Monday a small group of people congregated outside the DDSB headquarters based in Whitby, Ont. to protest the inaction.

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Bullying remains out of control at Elsie MacGill Public School in Oshawa, Ont. And yet, the hug-a-thug educrats at the Durham District School Board (DDSB) are apparently doing nothing to address it.

This is despite the fact that last Wednesday, some parents pulled their kids out of Elsie MacGill. The following day, more than 20 teachers walked off the job – with the full support of their union. (Some teachers were reportedly punched in the face by those three Grade 8 bullies – mean girls who have been causing problems for months now.)

Indeed, the school is a somewhat dangerous venue these days, partly because of the violence and vandalism perpetuated by the three bullies – and partly because those in charge at the DDSB are failing to do anything tangible to stop the carnage.

So it was that on Monday a small group of people congregated outside the DDSB headquarters based in Whitby, Ont. to protest the inaction.

One of those who assembled there was DDSB trustee Linda Stone. Stone is a voice of reason on this school board – which is why she has been censured some 40 times with ethics code violations. (This is what happens to a trustee who is not simpatico with her colleagues re: sexualized content in books for elementary school children.)

Check out our interview with Linda Stone, as well as a grandmother who was “trespassed” from DDSB property for also espousing “wrong think.” (We feel her pain: We were given a trespass notice last June. Our crime? Asking an impolite query of a school board trustee in the parking lot of the DDSB. That’s how they roll…)

It's shameful. The educrats at the DDSB are supposed to care for children; they are supposed to do the right thing in creating a safe environment. Yet they act like a swarm of censorious thugs whenever they suffer hurt feelings. Pathetic.

Speaking of shameful, where oh where is Ontario’s Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, who is apparently still doing his best impression of the Invisible Man when it comes to dealing with out-of-control school boards like the DDSB?

Limp-wristed Lecce has the power to disband rogue school boards (and there are many in Ontario) but he won’t. Why? That remains a great unanswered question.

Hopefully media coverage will shame the DDSB into doing the right thing.

Meanwhile it’s such a shame that the real-life Elsie MacGill (1905-1980) has her name associated with this particular school. MacGill was Canada’s first aeronautical engineer and aircraft designer. She was a no-nonsense overachiever. (Then again, the woke wimps who run the DDSB would probably condemn MacGill today her for “toxic masculinity” – you know, with her designing those fighter planes…)

In any event, if Elsie MacGill were alive today, she would be shocked to see the nonsense being played out at the school. What’s more, she would undoubtedly come up with a solution to restore order, a plan that would reward the makers and penalize the takers. Because currently, the exact opposite is occurring due at Elsie MacGill Public School due to woeful politically-correct school board progressives who are experiencing paralysis by analysis...

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