Ottawa’s convoy protest continues with strong momentum

Parliament Hill and Ottawa’s downtown core might not be quite so packed full of people as this past weekend, but the crowds and events are far from over.

Ottawa’s convoy protest continues with strong momentum
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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Today, most eyes have been glued to the constantly changing situation at Coutts, Alberta at the Sweetgrass U.S./Canada border, where truckers and RCMP have been in negotiations and stand-offs for the better part of 2 days.

However, that doesn’t mean that the events and energy in our nation’s capital have ceased!

While the massive crowds in Ottawa from the weekend having dissipated somewhat, there are still large crowds at Parliament Hill and trucks parked as far as the eye can see, refusing to go anywhere until freedom wins.

So let’s take a look at some of Rebel News' coverage today in Ottawa, and also what is upcoming.

First, let’s start with the nasty rumour mill.

In a staff bulletin, the Canada Revenue Agency management falsely accused Freedom Convoy protestors of looting offices and causing property damage. As it turns out, and was later confirmed by police, this didn’t happen!

Turns out that the real events are much more benign, and often quite heartwarming. This includes footage from our on-the-ground reporter Lincoln Jay Tuesday showing food being served to anyone who needed it outside Parliament.

The demonstrations at Parliament Hill were reportedly larger today than yesterday. There are truckers and their supporter’s on the scene outside Parliament throughout the day, with people still smiling and waving flags. Police can be seen walking and surveying the scene.

There are even speeches going on, which are well-attended and full of passion!

Speaking of which, did you catch Julie Ponesse’s awesome speech in Ottawa from this week? Check it out!

As for the trucks? They aren’t leaving, either, and are still scattered across the city as shown by Lincoln and Montreal-based reporter Alexa Lavoie.

In other Ottawa news, Ottawa police have made a startling statement in an interview, saying that there is likely no policing solution to the truckers in the city. When asked by the interviewer what that means, and asked if he means “politics or military”, to which he replied “I think you just listed most of them right there.”

Yikes. Certainly, this is something to keep an eye on in the coming days.

While all of this goes on, both good and bad, the internet world is seeing a whole lot of people poking fun at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been accused of using his virtue signalling to deflect from his failure to address the truckers.

Though thankfully, providing a refreshing counter-balance to Trudeau’s negativity and division, we have people like Dr. Leslyn Lewis, MP for Haldimand-Norfolk, who discusses Canada’s collective need to heal from the division caused by vaccine mandates and COVID-19 policies. If you haven’t seen Ezra Levant’s interview with her from this past weekend, you should really take a peek!

Speaking of the CPC, today Erin O’Toole was voted out as leader, which is huge news for Canada! We shall see how this affects the party’s thus far very lukewarm stance on the loss of liberty in Canada in the name of public health.

There is no shortage of excitement and change going on in this country…Canada remains under the eye of people worldwide as people across the nation continue to stand in solidarity, with more events planned for this weekend.

Some of that change is very, very positive - from the CPC leadership vote to premiers slowly starting to take some steps towards normalcy in how they handle COVID-19. Is the convoy helping? It certainly can’t hurt. Keep on going, folks…HONK HONK!!

That’s all for now! And don’t forget to follow along with our amazing Albertan reporters Kian Simone and Syd Fizzard who are on the ground providing incredible coverage at the Coutts Blockade. If you would like to help with their legal defence, or to follow that story specifically, please visit us at the link here.

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