Outrage over X-rated Jesus joke on Aussie TV sparks protests

Muslim and Christian communities to picket Channel Ten over 'disgusting' joke.

Outrage over X-rated Jesus joke on Aussie TV sparks protests
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Last night’s on-air apology was not enough to dissuade outraged Muslim and Christian communities from announcing they would picket Channel Ten to protest the airing of an x-rated joke about Jesus on The Project.

Hosts of The Project apologised last night for broadcasting a joke by queer comic Reuben Kaye who told viewers he loved Jesus because “I love any man that can get nailed three days straight and come back for more”.

The comment sparked fury on social media as people called for The Project to be cancelled.

Last night Waleed Ally and Sarah Harris apologised for broadcasting the joke, with Ally saying sorry to Muslims before adding “and especially to Christians”.

Harris, who burst into laughter when the joke was told, explained that in the spur of the moment she had not had time to make a “considered” response.

She did not clarify how long one might need in order to consider whether a joke about Jesus Christ engaging in gay sex was hilarious or rude.

The apology did little to assuage the anger of religious people, with Muslim activist Steve Dabliz confirming a protest had been organised for March 18.

Meanwhile, comedian Reuben Kaye was doubling down on the joke.

He posted on Instagram a screenshot of a news article about the anger the joke had caused and wrote: “This may be my best work …”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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