Overwhelming support for Ontario restaurant not enforcing vaccine passport

Local No.90 Bar + Kitchen in Port Hope, Ontario has been bustling since its owner took a stand and decided she would not enforce vaccine passports in her restaurant.

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Dana Hubbard, owner of Local No.90 Bar + Kitchen in Port Hope, Ontario, has taken a stance against the Ontario government’s vaccine passport mandate. After making a Facebook post that went viral, the news quickly caught on to Dana’s line in the sand. As part of our We Won’t Ask campaign, where we offer support to small business owners who won’t be segregating patrons based on their personal medical choices, we are featuring Dana’s story.

Dana points out the hypocrisy in the fact that some of her underage staff are unable to check people’s ID for alcohol consumption, but are expected to check people’s medical records and ID to enforce government imposed separation of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated. These are fluid criteria that are subject to change at any time the government and public health overlords deem necessary.

Since making that post, Dana says the outpouring of support has been overwhelming. Her reservation book is full and the phones are ringing off the hook, so much so that she is looking to expand her hours of operation and hire new staff. This comes as a stark contrast to the revolving door of government imposed lockdowns and restrictions that had many small restaurateurs struggling to make ends meet.

We have offered help to Dana through our Fight The Fines campaign, should she receive any tickets for upholding the right of the individual to choose and disclose what medical treatments they receive.

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