Parliamentary Budget Office estimated MAID healthcare savings of $149 million

A 2020 analysis done by federal number crunchers was based on the assumption that 7629 Canadians would access medically assisted dying with the help of the government. However, the number of Canadians taking choosing MAID topped 10,064.

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Medically assisted suicide was first made legal in Canada as Bill C-14 in 2016. At the time, the process to end one's life with the help of the healthcare system was relegated to those whose deaths were imminent. But, the regulations around medical assistance in dying were relaxed under Bill C-7, which expanded MAID access to include the chronically ill. In March 2023, mentally ill people can qualify for the service.

According to a 2020 PBO analysis:

The total net reduction in costs from current legislation (C-14) plus the incremental savings from bill C-7 will add up to $149.0 million.

A previous 2017 analysis of the healthcare savings from MAID pinned the number at up to $136.8 million

To send a message to the Federal government that Canadians suffering with illnesses and pain need care and compassion, not euthanasia, please visit to sign our petition.


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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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