PART TWO: Uncovering corruption in Quebec with union whistleblower Ken Pereira

We spoke with Ken Pereira, a former union executive turned whistleblower, to gain insight into the murky world of corruption in Quebec's construction industry.

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This is the second part of an extensive interview concerning the corruption and fraud that has occurred in the province of Quebec, particularly in the construction industry.

If you didn’t watch the first part I invite you to have a look before so you will be able to fully understand this video. Ken Pereira, star witness in one of the most significant investigations in recent Quebec history, was at that time, one of the leaders of the FTQ-construction union.

He noticed all the bad practices around him and decided to testify on what he saw. Today, we are discussing his thoughts on the current situation with the UPAC since they found out that some of their members were the ones responsible for the past information leaks. Listen to the second part of this incredible but true story.


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