Pastor Artur: Clergy, business owners must find courage to “Kick those Nazis out”

Pastor Artur: Clergy, business owners must find courage to “Kick those Nazis out”
Credit: Artur Pawlowski
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Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who went viral in clips of driving out Calgary Police and a health inspector as they attempted to interrupt a Christian service last week has spoken up about the interaction in a new interview.

Pawlowski told the Daily Caller that he used harsh language, such as calling the police “Nazis” because he sees a repetition of history in the actions of the police, whom he likened to the communists who governed Poland prior to the fall of the USSR.

“I grew up in Poland under the boot of the Soviets, behind the Iron Curtain,” the pastor said. “What I see right now, I see everything escalating and moving to the new level. They’re acting just like the Communists were acting when I was growing up when the pastors and the priests were arrested, and some were murdered. Many were tortured.”

“That’s why I say what I say,” Pawlowski said. “Because I see a repetition of history.”

He explained that the police and the health inspector had interrupted the Calgary church during service and described the continued harassment of him and his churchgoers as “unacceptable.”

“I asked them to get out, and they would not move,” he stated. “So everything started to intensify. And I raised my voice, and I said it again and again and again, and they just didn’t want to go.”

“Even during the times of the Middle Ages, the knights were commanded to leave their swords outside the church, they were not allowed to enter the church. But these days, nothing is holy for those people. They just walk in like it’s a restaurant,” he said, pointing out that several of them were armed. “What happened on Saturday is just the tipping point of the harassment and intimidation I have been enduring for months.”

“I simply say, enough,” Pawlowski added. “And I want – I hope – that this video that so many people are talking about will give courage to other clergymen and other business owners to kick those Nazis out.”

“From my point of view, I’m not afraid of the disease,” the pastor said of COVID-19. “Because my God is bigger, and I pray for the people that are still sick and that they recover. I don’t live a life of fear, because I have hope.”

Pawlowski will be speaking to Rebel News at 8pm ET/6pm MT tonight.

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