Pastor Artur, lawyer react to charges dropped against Pastor Tim Stephens

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Many Albertans were thrilled to learn that the contempt of court charge against Pastor Tim Stephens relating to Justice John Rooke’s May 6 order was dropped on Friday, but perhaps none more so than the other pastors across the province facing similar charges.

It is important to note that charges being dropped on one case does not necessarily dictate that the same will occur elsewhere, but the move did set some legal framework for other proceedings in the province.

Rebel News has been covering the stories of many persecuted pastors across the country, but Pastor Artur Pawlowski is no doubt one of the most well-known religious freedom fighters in Canada, if not the world. The news of the victory for Pastor Tim had many wondering whether charges would also be dropped against Pastor Artur.

We spoke to Artur and his brilliant lawyer Sarah Miller about Pastor Tim’s exciting news.

Sarah noted that while there are some incidental differences between the two pastors’ cases, both Artur and Sarah are hopeful that Alberta Health Services lawyers will acknowledge that factually, the similarities are too numerous to deny, and that authorities will drop the charges against Pastor Artur as well.

Pastor Artur and his family prayerfully await good news, but until it comes, he and Sarah Miller are busy preparing for his June 28, 2021 court date.

Please help pay the legal fees of Pastor Artur by making a donation. Donations go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity that is now helping the project. So, you can now get an official charitable receipt for a donation made on this page, and use it to reduce your Canadian taxes.

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  • By David Menzies

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