WATCH: Pauline Hanson SLAMS 'pathetic' Herald Sun for fake news

The One Nation leader urging the newspaper editors to tell the truth or quit journalism.

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The Herald Sun has ignored months of vandalism targeting One Nation's candidate for the seat of Melbourne, only to run this headline yesterday: 

"Melbourne One Nation candidate's alleged 'dismembering' threat"

Addressing the Herald Sun editors directly, Pauline had this to say:

"You are absolutely pathetic because you're not about true journalism to tell the people; the truth in this nation. Give everyone a fair go, let the people judge us on the truth. If you'e not prepared to print the truth, then get out of the business of being a journalist". 

While the candidates of other parties have also dealt with property damage and vandalism, the terror campaign against the One Nation candidates has been prolific. However, the Herald Sun and other mainstream media have chosen not to cover this issue, preferring to run headlines about the cars and posters of Liberal candidates being tagged and defaced.

When Walter Stragan caught two uni students ripping down his campaign posters from his own building, they cried 'victim', despite being caught in the act of stealing property. While no criminal charges have been laid against Walter, he is still having to face an investigation into claims from the women that he threatened them.

The women, who obtained an interim intervention order against Walter, cited fears for their safety and allegations of a threat to dismember them- a claim Walter fervently denies.

"All the allegations made in the Herald Sun are totally denied; they'll be strongly defended. I'm actually the victim!"

This isn't the first time Walter has dealt with his campaign property being destroyed, defaced, and stolen.

Waler has even allowed an unauthorised Greens poster to remain on one of his buildings while dealing with relentless damage to his property.

Meanwhile, Pauline says that being a politician requires thick skin.

"If you want to be a politician, then you've got to stand up to them. Don't back down. And that's what I've done".

Pauline and Walter believe that the unbalanced reporting is due to the left owning the media and pushing their agenda, leading them only to support the major parties and refusing to allow parties like One Nation to rise.

Pauline, however, isn't taking it lying down.

"I won't be coerced, bullied, or threatened by anyone".

When speaking at engagements for media students at university, Pauline has warned against spinning stories because of the threat to people's livelihood and the disservice being done to the media as a profession.

"I don't want any favours; just report the truth and let the people judge me".

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  • By Avi Yemini

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