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'Period Crunch': Would you eat womb-shaped cereal?

Get your day started the right way, with a heaping bowl of Period Crunch.

'Period Crunch': Would you eat womb-shaped cereal?
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Intimina, a Swedish brand dedicated to offering a range of feminine hygiene products, has developed a raspberry-flavoured cereal called “Period Crunch” to help inspire open conversations around menstruation during breakfast.

According to the Daily Mail, the cereal resembles the entire reproductive system and is “dyed red to mimic the colour of blood,” which seeps into the milk, also dying it red.

Daily Mail cites that research shows “stigma around the time in the month can cause boys to mock girls at school, while nearly half of women say they have been 'period-shamed'.”

Although “Period Crunch” is a PR stunt that will not hit the shelves at the grocery store, it is inspired by Spain’s latest bill, which offers women unlimited menstrual leave. So, should you desire a box for yourself, you can get your hands on some by contacting the Swedish company directly.

Yahoo News claims that “82% of people are unable to correctly identify where the uterus is,” which is why the cereal box also includes an educational illustration of the female reproductive system and conversation prompts to further educate people.

Intimina's global brand manager, Danela Zagar, says she wants to normalize talking about periods. Although periods are a natural bodily function that should be destigmatized, we are not sure waking up to a bowl full of bloody-looking reproductive organs is the key to tackling those stigmas.

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