Permanent Pride infrastructure implemented at Vaughan City Hall

Good news/bad news on the rainbow front. The good: there are no temporary rainbow flags flying from the City of Vaughan’s flagpoles. The bad: there’s now PERMANENT rainbow infrastructure all around City Hall…

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Given the forces behind the pride propaganda movement, it’s almost impossible to visit a government office or even the headquarters of a private business in the month of June without coming across a rainbow-hued flag. Indeed, sometimes such a flag actually REPLACES the Canadian flag. (Yes, we’re looking at you, Recipe Unlimited.) And how sad and non-inclusive is that?

So, imagine our surprise when we visited Vaughan City Hall the other day. This municipality, which bills itself as “the city above Toronto”, was not displaying a pride flag hoisted from any of its three flagpoles. Was Vaughan taking a stand against compelled speech, the flag varietal?

Um, no.

For while there were no temporary flags to be seen, we did notice a “pride progress” crosswalk (that’s the version of the rainbow flag that features the white, baby blue, pink, black and brown triangle which represents transgenders as well as black and brown people. Yes, transgenders were already represented by the “pride classic” flag and yes, pride flags are supposed to be all about sexual orientation and gender identification as opposed to selective racialized people, but, well, never mind…)

That multi-coloured crosswalk, by the way, is certainly no statement vis-à-vis fiscal responsibility. For some reason, such a paint job costs upwards of $15,000, or about 50 times the cost of a regular crosswalk paint job. Then again, since it is the beleaguered taxpayer footing the bill as opposed to, say, Vaughan city councilors, well, who cares?

And then we came across a bench at Vaughan City Hall painted in the pride progress colours. Why?

And another thing: given that the Rebel News reporters on the scene that day were able-bodied, white, heterosexual males (who, amazingly, identified as able-bodied, white, heterosexual males), the question arose: were we actually allowed to stroll along a pride progress crosswalk? Were we allowed to sit on a pride progress bench? Or would this be deemed to be cultural appropriation?

Then again, would us avoiding the pride progress crosswalk and bench be an example of LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP-phobia? It’s just all so confusing, isn’t it?

One last point: we regret to report that the City of Vaughan is NOT displaying the latest edition of the pride progress flag that features the purple circle to represent intersex people (whatever that is). City of Vaughan – say it ain’t so! You’re not intersex-phobic, are you?

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