ASSASSINATION: was Persian-Canadian slain in Toronto a victim of potential hit by Iranian regime?

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Was the brutal killing of Mehdi Amin a matter of first-degree murder... or an act of state-sponsored terrorism?

Persian-Canadians are both outraged and frightened in light of the tragic murder of 58-year-old Mehdi Amin in Markham, Ontario last week.

Mehdi is described as a soft-spoken gentleman who had no enemies — except, perhaps, for the Iranian regime. 

Mehdi was an outspoken critic of this dictatorship that continues to rule over his former homeland. And this stance might just explain why he was brutally murdered at his Markham townhouse just north of Toronto. York Police continue to investigate the murder, but, so far no one has been arrested in connection with Mehdi's death.

We recently met up with a personal friend of Mehdi, Nasser Pooli, outside the scene of the crime. Pooli says he is certain Mehdi’s murder was the handiwork of an Iranian regime operative in Canada, especially given the violent nature of the killing. Amin was brutally stabbed to death with a knife, which Pooli says is often the way critics of the regime are dispatched.

Pooli himself is a vocal critic of the Iranian regime, and says he has received numerous death threats which explains why he never goes out in public without donning his bulletproof vest.

If the murder of Mehdi was indeed a politically motivated crime, then this is incredibly disturbing to say the least. Most Persians immigrated to Canada after the 1979 Iranian revolution; they were fleeing a country that quickly devolved into a brutal theocracy under the rule of the mullahs. 

How shocking is it that such brutality has followed them across the ocean to Canada? Indeed, the U.S. Department of State notes that the Iranian regime has been responsible for as many as 360 targeted assassinations in other countries since coming to power in 1979.

Pooli and others in the Persian-Canadian community lament that they really don’t have a champion in Ottawa. Masjid Jowhari, who is a Persian-Canadian himself, is the Liberal Member of Parliament for the Richmond Hill riding. But shockingly, Jowhari is an apologist and supporter of the Iranian regime.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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