Pesutto's second attempt to expel Deeming hits constitutional snag

MPs question the validity of the motion, citing lack of signatures and evidence.

Pesutto's second attempt to expel Deeming hits constitutional snag
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Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto’s ham-fisted plan to boot Moira Deeming from the party has hit another snag

The validity of his latest motion to expel the women’s rights campaigner has been called into question with MPs insisting it breaches the state party constitution. 

The motion, emailed to MPs on Saturday, is scheduled to be discussed at a special party room meeting on Friday. 

But Deeming's backers say the motion is invalid because it lacks physical signatures. Moreover, they insist there is no evidence that Deeming has brought the Parliamentary Party into disrepute, as the motion alleges. 

The Victorian Liberal Party constitution states that a notice of motion to expel a member "shall specify the reasons for such proposed expulsion and shall be signed by the leader of deputy leader or any five members of the parliamentary party".  

This is Pesutto’s second shot at ditching Deeming after a failed expulsion motion in March.  

Deeming had upset her leader by attending a Let Women Speak event in Melbourne.  

The meeting was gatecrashed by a group of neo-Nazis, with Deeming then being accused of being in league with them. 

The party room ultimately found that Deeming was not in association with Nazis and chose to suspend rather than expel her. 

Deeming’s supporters say the latest motion to expel needs to be completely re-written in order to be valid. 

One supporter told The Australian that the Victorian leader was “so inept” he couldn’t even follow his party’s own rules in an attempt to have Deeming expelled for allegedly breaking rules.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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