PETITION: Fire Talauna Reed, a convicted felon, from the Olympia School District

Talauna Reed is known in the community as an anti-police extremist.

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I attended an Olympia, Washington school board meeting because parents are going SCORCHED EARTH against the board after they unanimously voted to appoint an anti-police extremist and convicted felon with an extensive criminal history to the board.

Her name is Ms. Talauna Reed, and she has a long rap sheet with charges that include: domestic violence, assault, felony theft, violating protection orders, and the list goes on. She also has five judgments against her totaling nearly $20,000 dollars in unpaid rent as recent as 2019.

Talauna Reed is known in the community as an anti-police extremist. She ran a failed campaign for city council in 2021 and marched alongside Antifa encouraging activists to commit acts of violence following the death of George Floyd in 2020.

This community needs your help in protecting their kids from Ms. Talauna Reed so please sign the petition on this page demanding Olympia School District fire her from this position immediately.

It is crucial to get enough signatures so we can give it to the board. Now Reed has also been involved in an alleged anti-black hate crime hoax that occurred in 2018 after her aunt, Yvonne McDonald, was found unconscious and later died in a hospital.

McDonald was a chronic alcoholic and according to the autopsy report, died of blunt-force trauma to the abdomen which was “consistent with a fall,” although assault could not be ruled out.

Violent protesting immediately erupted in the streets after activists deemed her death an anti-black hate crime, but a thorough investigation that cost taxpayers $50,000 which included witness statements, interviews, and surveillance tapes, revealed that no such hate crime had occurred.

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