PHAC issues sole-source contract to increase vaccine uptake in black Canadians

Turns out Prime Minister Trudeau accused an awful lot of minorities of being racist, misogynistic extremists.

PHAC issues sole-source contract to increase vaccine uptake in Black Canadians
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After over a year of repeatedly calling the unvaccinated and mandate-skeptical Canadian public “racist and misogynistic extremists” that he isn't sure should be tolerated at all, Justin Trudeau may have figured out that some of them could be minorities.

The “expert” — the University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary Centre for Black Health — hired by the Public Health Agency of Canada must use study data to create a black vaccination marketing campaign culminating in a national conference on vaccination in black Communities.

The sole-source ad read:

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) requires the services of a Contractor to provide expert advice on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of Black Canadians regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

The Contractor must:

  • Conduct a mixed longitudinal survey of individuals from Black communities living in Ontario and Quebec;
  • Recruit a representative sample of Black communities in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick;
  • Produce of a research report for PHAC;
  • Develop and implement a knowledge transfer activity program;
  • Implement the vaccination campaign in Black communities;
  • Produce a series of weekly health promotion materials;
  • Organize three conferences during the project; and
  • Organize a national conference on vaccination in Black communities in which PHAC will have an opportunity to participate.

According to Statistics Canada data, Trudeau's racist extremists are people of colour. Indigenous and black Canadians were the least likely to take a COVID-19 vaccine:

Certain sub-groups in Canada are more likely to report COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. These include black Canadians, Indigenous peoples, newcomers, and younger adults, among others.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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