Poilievre visits Hamilton, Freedom protesters give their thoughts

The Conservative leader drew a huge crowd in Steeltown, where he took aim at Big Pharma. But Poilievre is still facing questions from some protesters for a perceived betrayal of trust stemming from recent comments he made about a German politician.

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This past week, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre hosted a series of rallies in the Greater Toronto Area, including on March 4 in Hamilton.

In response, protesters from the pro-freedom movement formed during the pandemic organized a demonstration along with a local convoy to show their dissatisfaction of recent comments Poilievre made.

The Opposition leader attacked German MEP Christine Anderson, condemning her “racist hateful views,” stating they're “not welcome here” while she was visiting the country as part of nationwide tour following her rise to notoriety for calling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in European Parliament after his use of the Emergencies Act to crush the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest.

I visited Grimsby, a town near Hamilton where protesters organize weekly at noon, to hear their thoughts on what Poilievre said. The group of people who attended are those who supported and joined the Freedom Convoy in 2022, where thousands of Canadians protested and in the downtown core of Ottawa, demanding an end to all of the vindictive COVID mandates.

In case you haven't seen it, or just want to relive that moment of Canadian history, you can see our first-hand account of the Freedom Convoy's journey to the Ottawaa at ConvoyDocumentary.com.

One of the people that I spoke to said she is outside protesting for “her kids and her grandkids,” and that she's worried about the country becoming communist. “We need freedom in this country,” she told me.

When I asked about the Conservative leader holding a rally just a short drive away in Steeltown, she says “I don't really trust politicians, think they all got a shady past.” What trust she did have for Poilievre, she said, was betrayed by insulting Anderson. “She's an amazing woman, wonderful woman. Not hateful at all, and he had bad things to say about her, and that was wrong,” the protester explains.

When I arrived at the Hamilton venue where Poilievre was holding his event, there were protesters outside with Canadian flags standing guard. Several of whom were the demonstrators from outside Grimsby.

Inside, there was a packed room full of Conservative supporters eagerly waiting for Poilievre's speech. Loud cheers and roars could be heard throughout his speech as he contrasted his views with that of the current Liberal regime under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Poilievre called out the Trudeau Liberals' policy of legalizing, and providing taxpayer-funded, heroin crack and cocaine to addicts.

Next, Poilievre took aim at pharmaceutical companies. Not only did he slam them for creating the opioid crisis by overprescribing their drugs to Canadians, but he said he wants to sue these Big Pharma companies and use the profits to fund citizens' treatment.

Finally, the Conservative leader finished off his speech to the enthusiastic crowd with a recounting of how the commoners from England came together to create the system we have today, with a reminder that himself and other members of Parliament work for the people and are our servants — not the other way around.

“We, all us members of Parliament here, must always remember what this government has forgot. We are servants and not masters, it is the common people who are masters of this land,” he said.

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