VIDEO: Police caught on bodycam CELEBRATING abuse of Covid power

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Police pulled over a single mum on a Queensland highway, with her 7-year-old child in the back.

At first, the cop says he pulled her over for speeding. But then he starts asking the mum personal questions.

Where are you coming from?

Where are you going?

And why?

That's not about speeding at all, is it? That's just the pretext for pulling her over.

The mum — Anna Stancombe — asks what section of the law gives the cop the power to ask such personal questions. And instead of answering her, he gets aggressive.

With the frightened child in the back of the car, the officer opens up the car door so he can get right up next to Anna while raising his voice and threatening her with arrest.

But it's all an act. Because when the cop gets back in his car, with his bodycam video still rolling, you can see what this was really about.

It wasn't about speeding.

And it wasn't about the pandemic.

It was about collecting nearly $2,000 in fines.

The cop can hardly wait to boast about it to his dispatcher. He says he gave Anna a "silver medal". He adds it all up, nearly $2,000 in total, and brags about his bravery, bullying a single mum and her son.

And the dispatcher immediately replies, "Nice work — thanks mate".

And — this is the icing on the cake — the bodycam footage shows that while that cop speeds away, while he's driving, he's using his iPad with two hands!

So much for "safety" and "public health"!

But it gets even worse.

Anna took that cop, Allan Ward, to the Australian Human Rights Commission for his misconduct. And the police settled with her — tantamount to an admission that they abused her rights.

But despite that bodycam footage of the abusive interaction, and despite settling with her at the human rights commission, the police are still prosecuting her for those charges!

They still want their $2,000 in fines!

Well, not if we have anything to say about it. We're not going to pay Anna's fines. We're going to fight Anna's fines. With our top lawyer, Mani Shishineh. He's taken a number of our cases, and he's already had some important victories.

But we need your help. Anna is committed to fighting this personally — all she needs is for us to crowdfund her legal team. Can you please chip in, whether it's $10 or $100? Just click here, or go to

Thanks very much for your support. As Anna says at the end of the video, she was looking for a long time for someone to care about her case.

I do, and I hope you do too.

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