Police probe video claiming to show Dan Andrews' illegal act

Authorities reportedly are examining a video circulating on social media that allegedly shows the former Victorian Premier using a mobile phone while driving.

Police probe video claiming to show Dan Andrews' illegal act
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Victoria Police are delving into a peculiar video circulating on social media, purportedly capturing ex-Premier Dan Andrews using his mobile phone behind the wheel.

The short clip, filmed on the EastLink freeway, depicts a driver accelerating while recording a neighbouring vehicle.

The amateur videographer exclaims, “you’ll never believe who’s beside me. Look who it is – Dan f-----g Andrews” as he overtakes.

While it remains unclear if the other driver was speeding, the footage suggests they might have been using a mobile phone. Rebel News does not make the claim Andrews is seen in the vision, only what is claimed in media reports.

Highway Patrol officers are reportedly examining the video and considering potential charges for both the videographer and the other driver.

Victoria Police issued a statement acknowledging the social media video of two cars on the freeway, with the Road Policing Command currently assessing the limited available information.

The police are actively working to identify the individuals in the video to determine if any driving offences occurred.

Investigators are scrutinising the social media accounts of the person who recorded the video to ascertain their identity and may seek an interview with Andrews, the Herald Sun reports.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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