Pressure mounts on Gallagher as details of secret Higgins' $3m payout emerge

Coalition accuses Gallagher of colluding with Higgins camp to bring down Morrison government.

Pressure mounts on Gallagher as details of secret Higgins' $3m payout emerge
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Pressure continues to mount on Katy Gallagher as the Coalition pursue answers about what she knew about Brittany Higgins’ rape claim before it was aired on The Project.

Gallagher has so far stonewalled against allegations that she colluded with the Higgins camp in a bid to use Higgins’ claims to bring down the Morrison government.

It comes as details of Higgins' secret compensation payment of up to $3 million emerged, revealing she claimed she was "medically unfit" for work and would lose 40 years’ worth of wages, a draft statement of claim has revealed.

The Finance Minister rejected charges that she had misled Senate about what and when she knew information about Higgins.

"I take my responsibilities to this place as a Senator very seriously, and I have always conducted myself with the highest levels of integrity. And I always will.

"I did not mislead the Senate,” she said.

Gallagher has admitted to having knowledge of the allegations before they were aired publicly in February 2021 but denied any wrongdoing.

Deputy Prime Minister Sussan Ley said Gallagher's statement in the Senate was not good enough.

She said the government would be shown to be “morally bankrupt” if they had used the Higgin’s rape claims to score political points.

“New information has come to light that has been reported on Sky News and in our newspapers that calls into question the credibility and actions of senior Labor ministers when they were in opposition,” she said.

“Were they aware of these allegations before they went to air and did they use them to profit politically from?

“And we need those answers.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese attempted to shrug off the controversy, describing it as “bizarre conspiracy theory”.

“Katy Gallagher has been transparent,” he told ABC Radio Sydney on Tuesday.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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