Thousands set to rally in Melbourne against rising antisemitism

'Never Again is Now' rally aims to unite Australians against the rising tide of Jew-hatred.

Thousands set to rally in Melbourne against rising antisemitism
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A pro-Israel protest is set to take place in Melbourne on Sunday, May 19 from 1:30pm outside the Victorian Parliament.

Organised by a group of Christian supporters, 'Never Again is Now' rally aims to combat the worrying resurgence of antisemitism in Australia.

Recent anti-Israel protests have sparked outrage, including recent University protests that have spread fear among Jewish students and have contributed to a spike in antisemitic incidents across the nation.

In response, this rally seeks to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community and promote a message of unity and peace.

The organisers say they are committed to eradicating antisemitism, highlighting that while the Middle East's history and politics are complex, there is never a justification for hatred against Jewish people.

They champion the sentiment that Australians must come together to oppose such prejudice and support their Jewish friends and neighbours.

The event is planned as a peaceful gathering, with participants singing, praying, and advocating for a harmonious society.

Organisers have partnered with Jewish community organisations and are working closely with Victoria Police to ensure the safety of all attendees.

"Decent, peace-loving Australians oppose antisemitism and desire a safe, inclusive, and cohesive society for all," the organisers stated, inviting individuals of any religious or non-religious background to join their cause.

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