Proposal to ban revealing bikinis on Aussie beaches sparks outrage

A heated debate is underway in Australia over a call to ban G-string bikinis.

Proposal to ban revealing bikinis on Aussie beaches sparks outrage
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A passionate plea by Ian Grace, Gold Coast's 2022 Volunteer of the Year, has ignited a fierce discussion in Australia regarding the proposed ban on G-string bikinis.

In a letter addressed to Mayor Tom Tate and published by the Gold Coast Bulletin, Grace expressed discomfort with the revealing swimwear trend, citing an incident where a woman, "as close to naked as anyone could be," caught his inadvertent attention.

Claiming that such attire sends the "wrong message" and portrays women as "sex objects," Grace advocated for a ban on these bikinis not only at beaches but also in public pools, theme parks, and family-oriented venues. He extended his concerns to skin-tight activewear worn in coffee shops and public spaces.

While some agreed with Grace's stance, some decried it as "sexist" and "outdated." Social media erupted with criticisms, with one woman stating, "Wow 2024, and still being shamed for our bodies."

Some men, too, joined the chorus against the proposed ban, labeling it "stupid" and calling for tolerance and acceptance of individual choices.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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