Protest at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

'When people don't tend to have a good argument, they tend to shut it down with shouting and yelling,' said one protester.

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About a month ago, during an Ottawa Carleton District School board meeting, a father, Nick Morabito, was labelled as transphobic for expressing safety concerns for his young pre-teen daughters around the implementation of a school policy that allows anyone who self-identifies as female to use the gendered washroom.

His mic was cut before his time by Ottawa progressive public school trustee Dr. Nili Kaplan Myrth.

She mentioned that the speech of this dad was creating an unsafe environment for people who identify as gender diverse.

You can sign the petition to see Nili Kaplan Myrth being removed of her function at

Since then the situation has escalated. Multiple protesters from all sides have converged in front of the building where the meeting was held.

At another time, Glen Ogilvie Public School Vice Principal, Nicholas Lafrance, was seen insulting people and smashing a woman’s phone outside of the property. He also told a mother of the OCDSB, “That's too bad that you’re a nurse.”

This time, there was another meeting where protesters called out for action in front of the school. Police, protesters and counter protesters were present on scene. A member of the OCDSB explained that they did reach the quotas and they didn’t let a lot of people in the meeting.

Someone expressed concerns about communication saying that “the only way to progress as a society is have a civil discussion, debate, have open debate. Because if you can't have that, what can you have? Right.”

I challenged someone who works for the district school board about the vice principal, Nicholas Lafrance’s action and he answered: “That's a matter that we are following up on and we are working with that vice principal around. So you can rest assured that we are following up.”

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