Protesters at Toronto's 'March for Gaza' call for Israel's elimination and boycotting of Jewish-owned business

Pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets of the city’s downtown core with anti-semitic messages and hate for the ‘Zionists’, including Aroma Cafe, which was vandalized and faced calls to be boycotted for its Israeli owners.

Protesters at Toronto's 'March for Gaza' call for Israel's elimination and boycotting of Jewish-owned business
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Ontario’s capital city saw another 'pro-Palestinian' rally take place in its downtown core over the weekend on November 3. Dubbed the “100k March for Gaza,” protests across the country saw over 10,000 people in Toronto come out and call for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

As the group marched through Toronto near the iconic CN Tower, they swarmed an Aroma Cafe and chanted for the Israeli coffee chain — which was founded in Jerusalem — to be boycotted.


Footage captured by The Post Millennial videographer Beth Baisch shows the crowd then vandalizing the store while patrons watch on and police continue to escort the rally.

Protesters placed stickers and posters of their pro-Palestinian messaging along with markers on the window.

“You support genocide.”

They began the demonstration in front of the US Embassy. Several trucks fixed with speakers and organizers with megaphones blared chants for the crowd to repeat in favour of Hamas, and justify the Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel which saw over 1,400 murdered, some raped and several hundred taken to Gaza as hostages. Gaza's Ministry of Health — which is run by Hamas — claims there have been over 8,000 killed as a result of Israel’s goal to remove the terror organization.




Some members of Toronto’s Jewish community joined the march with their own call for a ceasefire while Hamas holds more than 200 hostages. This was organized by SURJ, IFNOTNOW, IJV Toronto and the United Jewish People’s order.

The flags of the oppressive Islamic Republic of Iran were proudly displayed throughout the crowd. That tyrannical Islamist regime has killed over 200 of its own citizens for taking part in the Mahsa Amini protests, supporting a girl who died from police brutality for not wearing a hijab and sparking international outrage.

Ontario MPP Goldie Ghamarie, an outspoken critic of the Islamic regime, called for the deportations of those waving the symbol as part of the pro-Palestinian rally. She called it the equivalent of waving the flag of the Third Reich and said they are traitors to Canada.

Waving that Ayatollah flag is the equivalent of waving the Nazi Flag. The four individuals at this 'pro-Palestine' rally in Toronto are traitors to Canada. They are a very real danger to our western society. They are terrorist sympathizers," she wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“These people do not belong in Canada. They don't deserve to be here. Kick these four Islamic regime sympathizers out of our country. They should be deported back to the Islamic Regime in Iran,” she added.

Iran has been notoriously known as the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and has openly supported Hamas and the massacre on Oct. 7.

Sign our petition at if you agree that non-citizens and guests in our country through visas or studying internationally who support terrorist organizations should be sent back to where they came from.

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