Protesters rally in support of Jordan Peterson outside College of Psychologists office

Gathering in downtown Toronto, protesters said the governing body has no right to threaten to take Dr. Peterson's licence for political comments he's posted online.

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A group of protesters supporting Dr. Jordan Peterson in his battle against the College of Psychologists Ontario gathered in Toronto today after the governing body threatened to suspended his licence unless he undergoes social media “training” stemming from comments he posted online.

In response to the CPO's threat against him, the 60-year-old psychologist filed his own lawsuit against the CPO. Peterson came under fire from the organization for posts critical of how the COVID-19 pandemic was handled and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

“We decided that the best way to challenge this would be in the courts on constitutional grounds,” Peterson told the Toronto Sun last week. “I don’t trust the process at the College and no one should.”

Today, a number of Peterson's supporters held a protest outside of the CPO's headquarters in Toronto, where Rebel News' David Menzies and Lincoln Jay were capturing the event and speaking to demonstrators. While Menzies finishes compiling a lengthier report, videographer Jay shared some of the sights and sounds on Twitter.

Just before the noon hour, protesters began showing up outside of the psychologists' governing body's office.

While it's hard to estimate the size of the crowd, it's safe to say a fair number of people braved a brisk Toronto afternoon to show their support for the popular-but-controversial Peterson. Officers from the Toronto police were also on the scene, controlling the crowd.

As the protest grew, Jay then provided social media viewers with a taste of what it was like to be there in person, going live on Twitter for around 20 minutes as he spoke to those in attendance.

There was no shortage of Canadian flags in the crowd, as the peaceful protest featured speakers delivering a message backing Peterson's right to freedom of speech. “It is shameful what is happening, what they're trying to do to censor us right at the federal level but also worldwide,” one speaker told the crowd through. 

Stay tuned for coverage of this protest and more, as Jordan Peterson continues to fight for his right to free speech against his profession's governing body. If you want to show your support for Dr. Peterson and learn how you can make a difference, go to

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