Public Health admits it has no data about COVID outbreaks on airplanes

Because why would we need data before banning the unvaccinated from planes and trains in Canada?

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Most of us instinctively know the restrictions we see on Canadians who want to fly inside their own country are bunk, useless and nonsensical; performative public health theatre meant to placate someone else’s hypochondria.

It is, however, unusual to see the government admit it in writing.

Dean Allison, the conservative MP for Niagara West, asked the Public Health Agency of Canada for any data that the department collected to justify masking on planes, but also the vaccine mandates on planes.

In short: Allison wanted to know if any COVID outbreaks happened on a plane. The response from the agency indicated PHAC could not provide that information because that data is not something the agency collects:

The Public Health Agency of Canada does not collect information related to travel-based transmission of COVID-19 as part of the national COVID-19 surveillance.

Millions of perfectly healthy Canadians are treated like disease vectors, prevented from seeing loved ones, or travelling for recreation or work, while the tyrants at PHAC have never even tried to collect data to justify their hypothesis.

It's how we know tyrants are aware the data would not support the harsh restrictions and cruel segregation.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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