Quebec reopens patio dining, yet indoor dining at the airport never stopped

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Our new Quebec-based Rebel reporter Alexa Lavoie is bringing us the other side of the story about Premiere Francois Legault's decision to lift the province's ban on patio dining. To get a more broad sample of opinions, Alexa interviewed three different restaurant owners.

One owner, Stephen, was happy that the city would be allowing outdoor dining again. Another owner, Julie, saw the decision as a glimmer of hope, even though she doesn't have a patio. Nico, who has mobilized his vehicle as a table for his customers, on the other hand begs to differ — and he didn't hold his tongue back when he told us why he had an issue with the premiere's decision.

Watch the interviews with these three very different restaurant owners and see what you think of their opinions.

After speaking to the owners, Alexa realized that each business owner is likely to interpret this decision in a very different way. One concern for her, however, was why it was acceptable for the government to permit indoor dining at the airport, yet small businesses trying to survive were forced to close.

What is the difference between these two locations? Well, one happens to be located inside government-owned property.

The last time Premier Legault allowed restaurants an opportunity like this came ahead of Easter, when restaurants were allowed to open after a months long shutdown, when the premier changed his mind at the last moment, giving these establishments approximately 24-hours notice. This led to many restaurants, already in a dire situation after months of being closed, to take another financial hit.

Is the government being fair to these businesses? Should restaurants inside airports be granted that unique exception? Let us know in the comments.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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