Quebecers react to the two 'undercover' Chinese police stations within their province

'It's not something that should be legal here, because it's Canada, not China,' said a Quebec resident. 'I hope they don't take over because little by little, they're increasing their business. I hope the police will do something about it.'

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The RCMP is investigating the presence of two alleged Chinese police stations in Quebec.

These two establishments would be the Centre Sino-Québec de la Rive-Sud in Brossard, and the Greater Montreal Chinese Family Service in Chinatown.

This two agencies on the RCMP radar in Quebec are chaired by Li Xixi, who is also a municipal opposition councilor in Brossard.

Doreen Assaad, the mayor of that city, had revealed that her party filed a complaint with the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (DGEQ) against Ms. Xixi during the last municipal election campaign.

Furthermore, in the Spanish NGO Safeguard Defenders document, these two Chinese police stations were not included, only those located in Toronto.

You can watch the report of David Menzies regarding this Chinese police station located in Toronto here:

La Presse reported that the police of the area mentioned that they heard that these two establishments in question were engaging in intimidation in connection with the Chinese Communist Party regime.

But are these the only two Chinese police stations that were not listed?

In this report you will hear from people in the streets of Chinatown about their thoughts on this issue.

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