Queensland policewoman overpowered by man in shocking failed arrest

Viral footage reveals the harrowing moment a female officer is overpowered during an arrest that has raised safety concerns.

Queensland policewoman overpowered by man in shocking failed arrest
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A female officer of the Queensland Police Force faced a harrowing ordeal on a quiet Gold Coast street, suffering head injuries during an attempted arrest captured in a shocking video that has gone viral on social media.

The incident unfolded around 5:30 am in Parkwood on Wednesday, where the officer and her partner were attempting to arrest the occupants of a black Lexus.

The partner pursued one suspect who fled, leaving the female officer alone with the second occupant. A full video shows the suspect overpowering the officer despite being tased, causing her to scream on the ground.

Queensland Police reported that a member of the public had called in about a damaged black Lexus on Greenacre Drive, occupied by two sleeping men. The driver became violent, resulting in the female officer sustaining a head injury. The male passenger fled but was later apprehended, and a search of the vehicle uncovered a firearm and ammunition.

Gold Coast Acting Superintendent Scott Knowles commended the officers, noting the danger they face during routine jobs. The officer, though injured, demonstrated commendable resilience, and investigations are ongoing into the stolen vehicle and potential related offenses by the apprehended individuals.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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