Queensland the latest state to ban display of Nazi symbols

People who display or distribute Nazi symbols could face up to three years in prison under new laws, with exceptions for religious or historical use.

Queensland the latest state to ban display of Nazi symbols
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The Queensland will this week pass laws making the display of Nazi symbols, including as tattoos, illegal.

People showing or distributing Nazi symbols will face up to three years in prison under the new laws.

The move comes after Victoria and NSW had already criminalised the display of Nazi symbols. The Tasmania and Western Australian governments have announced their intention to do the same.

Queensland Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman said her bill would ban the display of the swastika, including on social media.

Police would have new powers to seek access to stored communications, including phone records, when investigating displays of “hate”.

“We can’t stop people from having this kind of really disturbing material, but if you display them and it causes people distress, then that will be illegal, and it will be a crime,” Ms Fentiman told ABC Radio this week.

“These will be some of the strongest laws in the country.”

Fentiman said the laws would make exceptions for Hindus and Buddhists for whom swastikas were religious symbols.

As well, “sensible exemptions” would apply where swastikas were used for historical purposes such as in movies or in museums.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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