EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi calls for calm after Jews ATTACKED in Melbourne

The young men who were abused, assaulted and had their religious skullcaps grabbed off their heads while enjoying a night out now fear for their safety.

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A Melbourne Rabbi has called for calm and respect after young Jewish adults were set upon at a Melbourne nightclub.

Last month a group of Orthodox Jews were targeted at the Panda nightclub in Prahran by another group, staff reportedly identified as regulars.

"We were having a good time dancing, enjoying ourselves and unfortunately, what happened to us is that we were racially attacked and attacked for being Jewish," said one of the victims.

The Jewish men allege that another group of men of middle-eastern appearance had verbally abused them before stealing their kippas [skullcaps] off their heads and taunting them while refusing to return the religious property and, in another case, pushing and physically harassing them.

Video captured by the Jewish men on the night shows the other group calling them "Zionist dogs" and hurling insults "f**k you, you Jew dogs, f**k your mums, you f**king rats, f**k you, get out of here".

The victims say that they approached security to get their religious items back, but that staff refused to intervene in the incident.

Rabbi Overlander, Director of Aliya Youth Space, explained the importance of peace and understanding among younger people and what the kippah means for practising Jews.

"These boys that did what they did, they do not speak for the Muslim community, but it still should be condemned what they did," he said.

Rebel News reached out to Panda nightclub for comment but did not hear back by our production deadline.

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